Julien Foussard, What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

May 11, 2016
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? What skills are needed to found a startup company? Julien Foussard holds the answers to both these questions. At the early age of twelve, Julien Foussard knew that he had a desire to be at the head of a startup company, and more than just be the head, he wanted to be at the beginning of that startup as well. He saw from other companies that he admired that starting the company yourself is the best way to get the privilege of heading it up. Therefore, at twenty-one years of age, he put his Business studies in France on hold and in 2007, he launched his first startup business which was an online pet shop. He encourages the motto, “try, fail, and try again” as his advice to those trying to follow in his startup entrepreneur shoes.